Happy Tiers Bakeshop

These are good tears, we are happy tiers!


Our Story

Our story began in the kitchen at a young age, when curiosity took over and led to unique ingredient combinations to take the traditional dessert to a whole new level. 

In 2013, I made the best decision to attend Saint Mary's College, Go Belles, and study Business Administration. My goal was to do a job where my passions and talent intersected, which led me to Kendall College Culinary in Chicago. After two years, I received my Associate's in Baking and Pastry. 

Starting a bakery has been a life goal of mine. In 2020, the opportunity presented itself to move back to South Bend and start Happy Tiers Bakeshop. 

We hope to be part of your happy celebrations and grow with you and your family.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our Sweet Treats

Made to order to be the perfect fit for your special celebration.

Custom Cakes

Let this be the center piece of any celebration ranging from a first birthday, graduation, to a wedding. This will not only feed your eyes, and it will appeal to your taste buds.

Decorated Cookies

Complement the theme of your celebration with hand crafted, detailed sugar cookies.

Drop Cookies & Bars

Elevating the traditional cookie or brownie with flavored dimensions and taste structure. Can you imagine a chocolate chip cookie with nutty brown butter, chunks of walnuts, and banana bits?

What's your favorite traditional cookie/bar? What might you want to add to it?